Victoria Whale Watching

Whale Watching in Victoria

Whale Watching in Victoria

Whether your local looking for a great photo opportunity or just want to get close to nature, there are several companies that offer whale watching in Victoria.

The Juan de Fuca and Haro Straits are home to three Resident Orca (killer whale) pods, referred to as J, K and L. Nearly 85 whales belong to these three families, allowing you ample opportunity to have your own close encounter of the deep. During the peak viewing months, our success rate for sighting Orcas is often near 100%. Other marine wildlife you may encounter include: Dall’s porpoise, Harbour porpoise, Stellar and California Sea Lions, Harbour and Elephant seals, Otters and many marine birds such as Cormorants and Bald Eagles. There is also a very good chance of sighting Humpback, Minke and Gray whales. Every trip is led by a certified marine naturalist whose knowledge and passion for Vancouver Island’s marine wildlife is unequaled in the industry, and every vessel in our fleet is equipped with hydrophones to bring the underwater experience to light.*

Prince of Whales
250-383- 4884
Toll Free 1-888- 383-4884

Springtide Whale Watching
Toll Free 1-800- 470-3474

Orca Spirit Adventures
250-383- 8411
Toll Free 1-888- 672-ORCA (6722)

Five Star Whale Watching
250-388- 7223
Toll Free 1-800- 634-9617

250-999- 0502
Toll Free 1-888- 610-6469

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