Victoria Pride Parade Route

Victoria Pride Parade

Victoria Pride Parade

If you’re heading out for The Victoria Pride parade, there’s a new start time of 11 a.m. from Pandora Avenue and Government Street to MacDonald Park at Oswego and Simcoe streets.


Mcdonald Park is where you will find the festival immediately following the parade. There’s a beer garden, a food court, two entertainment stages with live music, a vast array of vendors, and a kids’ area. A full day of fun in the community for everyone.

Victoria Pride Parade

Victoria Pride Society hosts events where everyone is responsible for maintaining space that strives to be safe for all participants. Safer space means everyone at the event be free from all forms of oppression and anything that can harm us or limit our well being. This includes expressing opinions in a respectful manner and respectful of other’s right to do the same. We may not agree in our opinions, but we can agree to proceed with best intentions and assume the same by others. 

We are Family. The members of our family inevitably fail, individually and when we work together. These failures may make our spaces less safe than we intend. We regret when our failures causes distress or harm and remain willing to express our remorse. We commit to forgive those who regret causing us harm or distress.

Victoria Pride Festival is a family inclusive event. For this reason, we ask all participants to refrain from actions and images that are excessively violent, sexually explicit, or disturbing. Our standard is not to limit self-expression but to ensure that the context in which it occurs is appropriate.

Pride Week Party in MacDonald Park.

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