Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs at The Royal BC Museum

Experience a time when civilization grew along the Nile, pyramids dotted the skyline and people believed gods walked among us.

Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs

Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs. Experience a time when civilization grew along the Nile, pyramids dotted the skyline and people believed gods walked among us.

With more than 300 original artifacts, some an astounding 4,500 years old, this exhibition covers all aspects of ancient Egyptian life, from the emergence of ancient Egyptian civilization along the Nile to the Ptolemaic and Roman eras.

Be among the first in North America to see this staggering exhibition’s priceless ancient artifacts, such as the coffin of Nakht, an exceptional bust of Hatshepsut and an ornate gold and garnet necklace from the Ptolemaic period.



Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs May 18 – December 31, 2018 BUY TICKETS



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International ancient Egypt exhibition opens May 18

Egypt: The Time of PharaohsVICTORIA, BC—The Royal BC Museum is opening the highly anticipated exhibition, Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs, on Friday, May 18.

Drawn from the collections of some of the world’s most prestigious museums, the exhibition makes its North American debut in Victoria and will be on view untilDecember 31, 2018. Artifacts have been carefully selected from four key ancient Egyptian collections: the Egyptian Museum in Berlin, Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum in Hildesheim, Gustav Lübcke Museum in Hamm and University Museum of Aberdeen.

Thanks to new archaeological findings, Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs provides a detailed and often very personal overview of life for the average ancient Egyptian.

“Much of what we know and see of ancient Egypt we owe to the vision and work of generations of archaeologists from all over the world,” said Royal BC Museum CEO Prof. Jack Lohman. “Their efforts contribute to our knowledge of a civilization that marks the dawn of the human spirit.”

Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs starts with the Nile, whose fertile beds allowed the civilization to grow and flourish, before delving into the complex religion and death rituals. The exhibition showcases the most impressive and intriguing Pharaohs, along with information about the scribes and writing that enabled their empires.

This depiction of an immensely conservative society, riven by tensions between the royal society and the periphery, is illustrated with more than 300 original artifacts. A 12th dynasty wooden tomb with rare illustrations and texts, on loan from University Museum of Aberdeen will impress Egyptologists and amateur enthusiasts alike. Another highlight is a sculpture of the head of Hatshepsut, a female Pharaoh, from her temple complex at Deir El Bahari.

Families will enjoy this interactive exhibition with lots to touch, play with and learn. Kids will be able to check out scale-model replicas of famous pyramid complexes, play games and experience cutting-edge multimedia.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Royal BC Museum Foundation and the Francis Kermode Group (the Royal BC Museum’s patrons’ group). The exhibition’s MarketingPartner is Tourism Victoria and its Media Sponsor is Global BC. The exhibition is produced by Lokschuppen, Museums Partner and the Royal BC Museum, with production partners and lenders: University Museum of Aberdeen, Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum Hildesheim, Egyptian Museum Berlin (Agyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung) and Gustav Lübcke Museum Hamm.

A complementary film, Mysteries of Egypt, will play at the IMAX Victoria Theatre for the duration of the exhibition.

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