La Palabra en el Tiempo to play Victoria Fringe Festival

La Palabra en el Tiempo

La Palabra en el Tiempo – Victoria Fringe Festival

Palabra Flamenco presents La Palabra en el Tiempo, a 60-minute depth-charge of frenzied dance and guitar, troubled song, and English-language poetry: raw, proud, poised.

La Palabra en el TiempoFlamenco is an Andalusian art form associated with incessant emotion and restraint, percussive rhythms, and improvisation. Whether they speak, strum, sing, or knock it out on the floor with a shoe, the artists summon a grief and praise that soak their way to dark corners. How to confront what\’s buried? Hold death near, affirming life? Invite duende?

This myth-inflected encounter honours what we’ve lost, what we’re going to lose. “Sexy, uncomfortable… incredible” (Audience member, PeekFest) A thunderous and lyrical POETRY+DANCE experience, tinged with fire and shadow. These performances are courtesy of the 2018 Victoria Fringe Festival!

SHOW DATES Thurs, Aug 23 (7:15PMFri, Aug 24 (9:15PMSat, Aug 25 (5:00PMThurs, Aug 30 (5:15PMSat, Sept 1 (6:15PMSun, Sept 2 (5:15PM)

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STARRING DANCER Denise Yeo is a professional flamenco dance soloist and palmera. She is also Palabra Flamenco\’s Artistic Director.

POET Garth Martens won the Bronwen Wallace Award for Emerging Writers. He has published Prologue for the Age of Consequence (Anansi), a Finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award for Poetry.

GUITARIST Gareth Owen has collaborated with acclaimed flamenco artists from Spain and North America, and recorded two albums, Gareth Owen Flamenco Guitar and El Cobre.

SINGER Veronica Maguire co-founded Alma de España School and Dance Company.