Island songwriter releases song of ‘Hell’ and ‘Hope’

James Kasper photo: Brad Edwards Photography

Vancouver Island singer-songwriter James Kasper has just released his brand new single “How Blue is Your Hell“and it is a song that speaks of these times of isolation, patience, and the hope of moving forward amidst adversity.

Kasper’s new song includes the lyrics “You hold my inspiration in your hands, practically live next door but patience is in demand, my heart is just adjacent to you.”
“The song has a melancholic flavour to it,” Kasper explains, “but it also expresses a lot of hope, and I think that is the line many of us are walking right now.”
Kasper was ninety per cent finished recording his new album Harbour when the pandemic hit, and he is looking forward to the day when he can return to the Victoria recording studio to finish the other ten per cent. He has postponed his June album release show, in addition to other performances which had been booked throughout the spring and summer.
“It’s been a little frustrating, but there are much bigger concerns in the world right now. The album can wait,” he says. “Health is the priority. I’m grateful for all of the front line workers.”
Kasper, who this summer celebrates 25 years of writing and recording songs in BC, is also the founder of the Island’s community record label, Mighty Speck Records. Lately, the label has been partnering with popular Facebook group ‘Get Down with the Lockdown’ to present one of many livestream concert series on Facebook, to help entertain the quarantined masses. The label’s series has featured Island singer-songwriters Alli Bean, Trevor Price, and Kasper himself, to name a few.
The concert series is part of a current trend Canadian musicians and music fans alike have embraced during the pandemic-induced quarantine.