The Crossroads: A Prison Cabaret opens Oct. 5

The Crossroads: A Prison Cabaret Created and performed by the men of William Head Institution, SNAFU and The Prison Arts Collective Directed by Kate Rubin.

The Crossroads: A Prison Cabaret is a musical satire. Perfect for a fall evening excursion out to Metchosin, with mist, moon and the call of owls accompanying you, this original production inspired by such classic musicals as Cabaret, and West Side Story and film’s such as Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride should not be missed!

Complete with live music, innovative dance numbers and 26 performers, The Crossroads: A Prison Cabaret tells a story of a world underground where banished souls from the ages are trapped deep under the crossroads outside of town.

They are kept entertained by a host of supernatural beings until they can find the key to their entrapment. Intolerance, fear and the need for inclusion are the main thematic elements that this satire addresses in a highly inventive, sure-to-surprise and delightful way. WHoS plays have invigorated and stirred audiences for 37 years.

This is their 57th production.

PUBLIC PERFORMANCES Fri Oct 5 through November 3 TICKETS $25 Online at Ticket Rocket 855-842-7575 and at the Ticket Rocket Office Downtown at 101-804 Broughton StSee the Complete list of performance dates

ALSO GET TICKETS In Person at Boston Pizza Langford (2755 Veterans Memorial Pkwy)

WHoS is located inside a Federal Institution. You are entering a correctional facility. You must be 19 or older, have valid government-issued photo ID, and your pre-paid ticket.

You cannot bring in any personal items, including wallets, purses, cell phones, money, smoking products, medicines (exception may be made for potentially life-saving medicines)

**You must buy tickets in advance. No tickets available at the door**

The Crossroads: A Prison Cabaret

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