Chinese New Year Victoria February 18

Chinese New Year Victoria

Chinese New Year VictoriaChinese New Year
Victoria, BC

Chinese New Year Victoria. Come join the celebration and ring in the year of the DOG. We will be performing our annual Chinese lion dance parade. Three new lions will be awakened with a special eye dotting ceremony. Sunday February 18th 12PM at Gate of Harmonious Interest.

There are many Chinese New Year traditions including giving kids money in red envelopes for good luck.

Households also clean their homes in the run up to the Chinese New Year to clear out any bad luck and make room for the good.

To avoid bad luck it’s taboo to say negative words or discuss concepts such as sickness or death.

Setting off fireworks is a major part of Chinese New Year Victoria celebrations. According to the myth, fireworks were used to scare away a mythical beast called Nian that ate crops, villagers and children.

It is also bad luck to break glassware or ceramics. If something is smashed, it should be wrapped up in red paper while uttering phrases about good fortune.


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