ALAN DOYLE plus Guests Royal Theatre

Alan Doyle Royal Theatre

Atomique Productions presents

Alan Doyle
plus Guests
Tuesday, May 7, 2019
Royal Theatre & McPherson Playhouse
Doors: 7:00 PM
All Ages

Alan Doyle fanclub presale: Wed, Nov 28 10AM – Thurs, Nov 29 10pm.

General onsale: Fri, Nov 30 1PM

Advance tickets: $39.50-89.50 + s/c. Available at ( and in-person at The Royal or McPherson Box Offices.

Alan Doyle chalks up a lot of where is he right now—with both his third solo album and his second book released in October 2017—to luck. “I’m the luckiest guy I’ve ever even heard of,” he says. “This was all I ever wanted, a life in the music business, singing concerts. I was lucky to be born in the family I was, in Petty Harbour. I was lucky that Sean, Bob and Darrell found me and asked me to join their band. I was lucky the Canadian music fans were into it.”

“I still think of myself as a person that has one job, a guy who plays in a band for a living, that’s me. If someone asks me to write songs, I guess I’m a songwriter too. If someone asks me to produce a record for them, then I guess I’m a record producer too. I never looked for an acting job in my life—they come to me. Someone calls who needs a hairy, Irish-looking fellow to bully someone or play the lute, come throw rocks at Colin Farrell, okay, sounds fun. It’s a laugh. Books came to me the same way, Random House said, we’ve been reading your blog, why not write a book, so I thought okay!” There’s more to it than all of that, for certain, but Doyle parries it off, in his usual way. “I’m grateful to do all of it. It’s a wonderful life and I’m very lucky to have it.”